Which kind of waterproofing we have in North America for bathroom?

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Which kind of waterproofing we have in North America for bathroom?

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There are different types of water proofing solutions and techniques practiced in different countries.

The North American construction professionals generally follow one of the following three methods which are widely popular in the region owing to the recommendations of the Tile Council of North America.

Cementitious Water Proofing Method

This water proofing solution is meant for internal bathroom surrounded by rooms and other domestic constructions. The construction is very strong to endure all sorts of water usage. The main drawback of this method is that this water proofing is subject to expansion or the opposite due to depending upon climatic conditions. Therefore this type of water proofing is not suitable for external bathrooms exposed to heavy sunlight or rainfall.

Liquid Surface Water Proofing Method

In the surface water proofing system the water resistant coating is provided at the surface of the walls just beneath the wall and floor tiles of the shower and adjacent areas. This process is quite simple and takes very less time to complete. This technique obstructs the absorption of water into the walls and floor keeping them dry and safe. However this keeps the water on the surface areas of the bathroom and requires enough ventilation and proper drainage to keep the bathroom completely dry.

Foam Boards or Water Resistant Sheets

These water proofing materials are available in the form of long sheets which are packed in rolls. These sheets are attached to the walls on the tile surface to block water absorption into the walls and ensure vapor protection. However these sheets are very costly and are very tough to install.

Modern Water Proofing Solutions

These are all traditional methods of keeping the bathroom away from damages. Today there are advanced systems such as Dens Shield tile backers, Schluter Kerdi, Hardibacker, Greenboard etc. All these materials are manufactured using modernized water proof technology. Some other popular methods are application of bituminous membranes or coating, polyurethane membranes etc. These methods are relatively costly and require hard core professionals to get the work done.

The presence of multiple options may create a great deal of confusion and are also meant for different adverse conditions. The best way to save money is to consult with expert professional who can suggest the most suitable alternative after studying the condition of the bathroom. The professionals also ensure that the water proofing process is executed in an appropriate way to provide strength and durability for the entire construction. Our company specializes in all sorts of water proofing works at affordable prices. The entire project is monitored and accomplished by experienced professionals capable of handling the most adverse construction works.

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