Do we need apply sealer on grout joint?

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Do we need apply sealer on grout joint?

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The grout sealer is an extremely important material for safeguarding the surfaces of the tiles in the bathroom walls and floor owing to the maximum exposure to water throughout the day.

It provides an additional protective cover over the grout layer. The dry grout layer is porous in nature and allows moisture to absorb inside letting the moisture get blocked into walls and floors. Therefore it is essential to apply a water resistant grout sealer once the grout is completely dried up.

The quantity of grout sealer required depends on the size of the tiles and the area of the bathroom. The small tiles require more grout sealer while the larger tiles need fewer amounts.

Types of Grout Sealer

The grout sealer is available in two types- applicator and spray bottles. There is no quality difference in these products. The applicator grout sealer requires a brush to apply the products properly on the grout. If the tiles are too small then the spray sealer is the most appropriate product because it will take a long duration to complete the task if a brush and applicator is used.

Application Process

The applicator grout sealer is applied with the help of a roller brush. This kind of substance has a creamy feel and whitish look. Avoid contact with the tiles as much as possible. Once the application is over it is the turn to clean the tiles with a cloth to remove the stains of the sealer.

In case of the spray grout sealer there is no need to avoid the tiles as it is bound to fall on the tile surfaces. Spray the liquid evenly so that every end receives the sealer protection properly. Removal of the grout from the tiles later is a more hectic job and needs to be done minutely as wiping evenly may take away the sealer from the grouts also.

Sealer Finishes Appearance

Before buying it is important to decide the type of sealer look you need in your bathroom. There are various kinds of materials that provide glossy, shining, colored or even a math appearance upon application and drying. If you are using colored sealer than a glossy sheen is good to provide the perfect finish. Acrylic with solvent base sealers can be combined with liquid coloring agents to ensure long lasting gloss. The low gloss sealer is required in case of adding a wet look. To avoid formation of film layer of sealant use a penetrating sealer.


Do not apply spray grout sealer on the tiles with rough surfaces. The tiles with rough surfaces tend to soak the grout sealer very quickly and it is not possible to remove them later on. Always ensure that the grout layer has completely dried out before applying the grout sealer.

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