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Why is not good idea to install regular drywall for wet area?

people generally use tiles on the walls of the bathroom. This means that if there is a drywall construction near the shower area then it is going to be covered with tiles.

The drywall does allow the moisture to escape and over the period due to constant usage the water gets locked in the walls destroying the entire construction, formation of mold, deep black patches on the floor etc. Effects of Installing Drywall There are many disadvantages of installing drywall beneath the tiles.

Once the water starts accumulating below the tiles it completely destroys the strong concrete or the cemented area. This weakens the binding between the tiles and the wall and they tend to separate slowly and finally coming out.

The accumulation of water between the tiles and the drywall makes enough room for the small insects, ants and germs as they find the place suitable enough for breeding grounds and build their homes there. This makes the bathroom the most unhygienic place to use. This happens due to the constant passage of water through the joints of the tiles. The drywall acts as a barrier for the water to escape and enhance the formation of mold on the tiles and corners of the floor area where there are traces of water. They grow with great intensity and become bigger in size within a short span of time. They are very hard to clean, look very dirty and destroy the costly attachments inside the bathroom. Alternatives for Drywall The walls and floor adjacent to the shower area should be built of waterproofing material or something that allows the moisture to escape very quickly and keep the construction firm and strong. Materials such as Den Shield are very useful to keep the bathroom dry and ensure superb durability to the walls and the floor.

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