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Why grout get crack?

The grout can develop cracks owing to a number of reasons. Joint Size and Inadequate Grout Filling

Joint size plays the determinant factor in selecting the type of grout required to fill the gaps between the tiles. If the tiles size is too wide say more than 1/8 inches then it have to be filled with sanded grout. The sand presence in the grout ensures that the grouting layer does not shrink and produce wide gaps or cracks after drying.

The gaps less than 1/8 inches can be filled with non sanded grout.

Inappropriate Quantity of Water in the Grout

If the grout mixture is not blended properly and if the water is dried out then there are chances of the formation of separate lumps of the mixture and may not even spread properly on the tiles. This can later lead to the emergence of cracks on the tile surface.

Thinset Application

Some people apply thinset adhesive above the mortar layer to ensure extra strength to the bonding of the tiles on the walls. If the thinset layer is too thin during the application then there are major chances of presence of air bubbles in the walls. The expansion and contraction can lead to formation of a grout crack in the future.

Too Much Moisture Presence on the Grout

The grout is removed with a wet sponge or cloth. During this process it is important to ensure that there are not enough of water remnants on the tile surface. In presence of too much of the water the grout absorbs these water particles and the grout binding loses its strength and eventually cracks are formed on them.

Presence of Air Bubbles in the Joints

The grout has to be applied properly to ensure there are no air bubbles left in the joints between the tiles or any cracks are kept open to allow moisture inside. In the presence of air bubbles the grout can develop cracks.

Application of Improper Grout Mixture

The grout mixture can have varied combination of ingredients based on the purpose and nature of the grouting work to be done. Some grouts are meant for tiles and flooring of the bathroom, some are applied to strengthen the binding between the concrete and metallic structure etc. Therefore it is important to ensure that the proper grout is applied during the construction.

Water Absorption

If the grouted area tends to get into contact with water soaking into the walls or the floor through some channel, drainage or sewage area, then the grout binding becomes weak leading to the breakages and formation of cracks.


Heavy vibrations or serious cases of tremors due to natural calamities such as earthquakes and tsunamis can lead to the weakening of the bonds in the building where the grout binding tends to get separated leading to the emergence of the cracks.

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