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What is water proofing?

Water proofing is a constructional system with the application and installation of water resistant materials and technology to keep different architectural patterns in the house especially the bathroom safe and protected from damages due to water absorption.

This is very essential to ensure the durability and beauty of the construction of the house. Taking precautionary measures of this kind not only saves money by keeping the house in great condition but also ensures the sound health of the members living in the it.

Water Proofing Solutions for the Bathroom

Walls and Joints: Water proofing is generally done at the beginning of the new construction or renovation process. Applying a primer is the most widely used technique in households. Once the walls are constructed, the primer is applied to the wall surface, the areas of the joints especially the places where the walls meet the floor, the drain, holes, between the walls and the tiles etc.

Floor: The floor of the shower area and the nearby walls are under maximum water usage. Hence it is important to ensure some water resistant matting, or fiber coated layer on the floor to restrict the penetration of water deep into the concrete layer of the floor. This water proofing layer is generally placed between the concrete and the flooring materials such as the floor tiles.

Water Proofing Method

There are different kinds of water proofing such as:

Basement water proofing: Basement waterproofing work is generally done by placing a durable water resistant and protective layered sheet or covering beneath the surface of the floor in the bathroom to keep the concrete in a safe condition for year. This prevents the water from soaking deep into the basement area.

•Exterior or outside water proofing: This kind of work is done from the outside. The walls are excavated in the affected area. The depth of the trench will depend upon the level of damage. The damped and destroyed portions are removed especially where cracks and holes are detected. Water proofing is dome in several stages such as application of tar, installation of plastic sheets and the drainage mat etc. The drainage mat allows the water from the walls to escape quickly keeping it dry and durable.

•Combination water proofing: The combination method comprises of water proofing work that requires double layer water proofing both from inside as well as outside. This kind of work is done only where the condition is severe and requires extra protection due to the presence of heavy damp conditions.


Water proofing requires proper material and expert supervision. It is very important to ensure that the team working on the bathroom renovation project has enough knowledge and experience in handling damage repairing and construction. Entrusting such crucial job to unskilled people can lead to wastage of time and money.

Our company has completed several bathroom renovation projects successfully. Our consultants provide top-notch services and construction at best affordable prices.

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