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What is Den Shield?

Water soaking and presence of dampness is a common phenomenon in every domestic bathroom. Over the years people have come up with more advanced construction techniques and smart engineering to keep the bathroom free from damages due to water accumulation.

Past experiences have shown that proper engineering and designing patterns with the finest combination of standard materials is very important for combating the problems of wetness in the bathroom area.

The Dens Shield Tile Backer is one of the finest backer boards available in modern day bathrooms specially manufactured with a water resistant formula to protect the bathroom from the hassles of damage due to constant absorption through the wall and floor tiles. The material is preferred by most of the companies engaged in bathroom construction and renovation services. This product is compatible for usage in areas such as bathrooms, swimming pools etc. where the moisture content is very high.

Benefits of Using Dens Shield

The water proofing technology in Dens Shield focuses on preventing the formation and development of germs and insects between the walls. The special anti microbial property ensures complete freedom from the presence of insects inside the walls. In addition to this the material has an added acrylic coating to keep the tiles safe from the damage due to extreme hot weather with heat resistant features. This also helps to keep the bathroom temperature under control. To keep the bathroom waterproof, the developers have added a layer of high quality and protective fiberglass mats.

Preventing Mold

The Dens Shield is tested under extreme conditions to check its capability to keep away mold. Therefore apart from being water resistant this material is also helpful in keeping the mold formation under control. Once the manufacturing part is completed the tiles are sent in a series of severe testing to ensure that they are reliable enough for long term usage.

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