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What is best material to install tile on den shield ?

Dens Shield is extremely useful as a waterproofing solution for every household bathroom. However the construction project has to be accomplished by some reputed company having enough of experience in these matters. This is because merging the tiles properly with tile backer is very crucial part of the whole work.

In case of any trapped air or vacuum between the tiles and the tile backer can weaken the entire wall and is even more dangerous in the case of the floor and the ceiling.

Installing Tiles on Dens Shield

Once the Dens Shield is placed properly on the walls, it is better to allow some time for it to get tightly fixed to the walls. Since this a waterproofing material hence the best thing is to allow time for moisture evaporation and proper dryness. Now it is the turn of the tiles to be placed on the waterproofing material. The tiles should be fixed on the grey surface of the Dens Shield to ensure that the fiberglass material prevents the water traces in the walls. This tile backer can be installed anywhere from floors to sub-floor, ceiling, windows and the walls.

Material Best for Installing Tile on Dens Shield

The layer of material between the Dens Shield and the tiles should not be very thick. It is also vital to install the tile backer along with the panels. The ideal substances for putting the tiles on the tile backer are mortar, mastic etc. to keep the binding strong. Always ensure that the layer of the mortar is very thin and uniform in spreading.


Always ensure that the mortar is spread uniformly in a thin layer. There should not be any empty space between the tile backer and the tiles as this will provide room for moisture and germs. Once the tiles are placed press it properly to find out existing gap if any.

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