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Water proofing prevent our bathroom from mold?

Mold is a kind of fungal species developing in the presence of damp and extremely moist areas. They develop in wooden structures if the wood has too much of water for them to germinate and grow. They cause decay in the woods and trees to the stage of rotting or decomposition and eventually assist in their absorption in the moist soil.

Mold also tends to develop in bathroom floors especially in the joints of the floor and walls in the unnoticed areas near the shower floor. The prolonged period of absence of proper cleaning help them to spread rapidly into the walls encompassing larger area.

Mold Formation in the Bathroom

The most suitable area for the formation of mold in a domestic household is the bathroom floor and walls. They require enough of water or moist air to develop and spread. A bathroom with an improper construction system and the absence of adequate water proofing measures tends to retain the water due to random absorption through the shower floor and adjacent walls. The molds generally are black structures and initially are of very small size. Therefore it is very difficult to detect them at an early stage. Once they grow bigger, it becomes quite challenging to remove those using regular domestic cleaning agents. Growth of molds is not good for the bathroom as it eventually destroys beautiful accessories and attachments.

Water Proofing Techniques to Keep Away Mold

Advanced water proofing is the best way to prevent the mold formation. Using water proofing material on the walls and shower floor obstructs the absorption of water allowing the bathroom to dry very easily. In the absence of enough moisture the molds will not find suitable conditions to develop it will require moisture on walls to stick to them tightly and get a regular water supply.

Maintaining a Fresh and Hygienic Bathroom

A proper drainage system is very important to let out the water from the bathroom floor quickly. Regular cleaning helps to keep the passage and channels of the drains and the sink pipe clear ensuring smooth outlet even during heavy flow. Use safe cleaning agents to keep away dirt without damaging the construction and the texture of the tiles, floors and important settings. Allow proper ventilation for air circulation to enhance quick drying.

Our Bathroom Renovation services include advanced water proofing techniques with cleaning and maintenance facilities. We use standard materials such as Dens Shield water proof tile backers in the shower walls and polymer membrane sheet covering under the bathroom floors in additions to application of sealants at all major joints and crack in the entire bathroom to keep it water resistant for longer time with best quality and strength. Our staff is well equipped with machineries to clean even the toughest mold patches.

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