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What is Den Shield?

Water soaking and presence of dampness is a common phenomenon in every domestic bathroom. Over the years people have come up with more advanced construction techniques and smart engineering to keep the bathroom free from damages due to water accumulation.

Past experiences have shown that proper engineering and designing patterns with the finest combination of standard materials is very important for combating the problems of wetness in the bathroom area.

What is grout?

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Grout is largely used in the construction process. This kind of material is used to fill the small holes, spaces, joints, cracks and crevices left after placing tiles, marbles etc on the floors and walls of the bathroom. The grout is applied on ceramic tiles, joints and other requisite areas once the process of placing the flooring and wall covering material is over. A thick layer of grout is evenly applied over the entire area with more attention to the joints and crucial areas. The substance hardens within a few hours from the point of application.

What is mold and how we can prevent mold from our bathroom?

Yes! Mold can be very good as they are the one that are used to make penicillin and Brie. Moreover, it is also very necessary for the decomposition of some organic matter in nature. However, it could be very dangerous when it grows inside the house without being noticed. Molds are a type of fungus, which can grow anywhere under your carpet or besides your wall. These are very much harmful when they grow in the bathroom.

They completely destroy the bathroom and will keep them so dirty that whenever you will go to freshen yourself, you will not be in a good mood. Still there are many ways, which could be used to keep your bathroom clean and protected from those ugly and dirty molds.

What is porcelain tile and where should I use it?

Porcelain tiles are made of finely refined clay particles under fire of very high heat in order to make them hard and rigid in nature. The material of this kind of tiles offers greater durability to the floors of the bathroom. The manufacturing process of porcelain tiles employs greater pressure and very high temperature to ensure superb density and compactness of the component materials.

The water resistant quality of this kind of material prevents the tiles from cracking and other damages. While purchasing the porcelain tiles it is important to check the gloss and smoothness of the color applied on the tiles. Tiles with evenly spread colors are ideal for longevity.

What is water proofing?

Water proofing is a constructional system with the application and installation of water resistant materials and technology to keep different architectural patterns in the house especially the bathroom safe and protected from damages due to water absorption.

This is very essential to ensure the durability and beauty of the construction of the house. Taking precautionary measures of this kind not only saves money by keeping the house in great condition but also ensures the sound health of the members living in the it.

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