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Need waterproofing for Den Shield?

Water resistance is one of the key issues of challenge during bathroom construction or renovation period. However, it is essential to understand the entire process of proper construction and the amount to be spent for each phase. Installing a water resistant tile backer is a good idea to keep the bathroom in appropriate condition for longer duration.

Some tile backers require an additional waterproofing system to be placed between the tiles and the tile backer. Generally an extra sheathed membrane is used to accomplish such work.

Dens Shield as a Perfect Water Proofing Solution

Dens Shield is a water resistant tile backer and among the top rated products. Many tile backers are not equipped with waterproofing coating. Dens Shield is exceptional in this regard. There are multiple protective layers in these products. The water resistance capacity in these tiles backer is optimized by using a fine and strong layer of fiberglass matting. This prevents the water soak into the walls that damage the concrete portion and destroys the entire bathroom set up.

Many construction and renovation experts suggest their clients to avoid the installation of vapor barrier or Kerdi layer for stronger binding and moisture evacuation in case they decide to use Dens Shield as a tile backer. In case of people seeking to use other alternatives they may require an additional protective layer of elastomeric membrane to ensure the construction is completely waterproof. Such application is easy and requires a paint brush or a simple spay method to finish the work.

Convenience of Using Dens Shield

Dens Shield is the complete solution to waterproofing requirements in every corner of the bathroom. Using this material reduces the cost of renovation by saving money as there is no need of applying waterproofing coating as required for other materials. The resistance to water also keeps away mold and other insects preventing them to spread diseases or damaging the important installations. Application of extra coating also requires a couple of days more therefore people can save time by using Dens Shield.

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