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How should apply grout?

Applying grout to the bathroom tiles is a very important step and requires following certain basic steps. Start Grout Application after Drying the Tiles Fixation

The process of applying the grout layer should be initiated after allowing sufficient time for the tiles and the underlying mortar and other sealant materials to get dry enough.

Prepare the Grout

Do not mix the grout for the entire area at the same time. If the mixture dries out then there is no use of applying it. Therefore take the quantity that is sufficient to last for an hour. Check the quantity of water. The mixture should not be very thick or contain too much proportion of water in it. Mix the ingredients evenly so that the every portion has the unanimous distribution of the component substances. Once the mixture is ready, keep it aside for some time. Before application mix the entire thing finely for the last time to ensure everything is properly mixed without any presence of lumps.

Grout Application Process

Use a rubber float for spreading the grout on the tiles. Fill the areas having open cracks, places near the joints, small crevices, holes etc. with the mixture to seal out the joints properly. Allow the grout to stay over the tiles for about 15 minutes.

Grout Removal

Remove the grout with a wet sponge after the stipulated time. Clean the tiles properly without removing grout from the joint areas. Do not apply too much pressure on the tiles.

Dry Grout

The grout takes an hour or two to dry out completely. After this time clean the tiles properly again with a wet sponge. Always ensure there is not much moisture left on the tiles during the grout removal process. The grout goes through a final step of cleaning process after about 48 hours after drying.

Apply Grout Sealer

The grout may absorb water once it comes under heavy water contact. To avoid this apply water and dirt resistant grout sealer. In case of the bathroom tiles the sealer has to be applied in two coats to ensure complete protection.

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