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How make hole on tiles in the bathroom?

Once the tile setting is complete, the bathroom equipments and accessories need to be fitted in proper places. This requires making several holes and cuttings on the tiles to fit the object with the help of screws and nails.

Using a simple manual hammer can create deep cracks and breakages damaging the entire construction.

Therefore it is essential to follow proper steps before making holes in the tiles. The first thing required for making the holes is the drilling machine.

Drilling Equipments

The tiles are much harder compared to the ordinary walls therefore require specially designed drilling equipments. There are two kinds of drilling machines for the tiles0 Carbide tipped drill bits and the Diamond tipped drill bits. Both of these machines are good for drilling on the tiles however the diamond tipped drill bits are a bit more expensive yet is the undisputed choice in this regard.

The speed of the drilling tool is very important so always check to find out if it is good for particular drilling work.

Tile Drilling Process

The tiles are glossy on the surface so the running drill machine may tend to slip on the tiles creating rough marks and cuts on the tile surfaces. Use a masking tape with the spot marked on the area to be drilled. This will help in keeping the drill machine in proper position. Always cover a larger area with the tape so that even if the drill machine slips the tape will provide protection against damages.

Now the tile is ready for drilling. Start the drill machine and push it slowly and gradually exerting pressure on the machine. While drilling always maintain the depth of the hole as required.


The drilling nails are too big so always measure the amount of depth required and push it accordingly. Pushing the drilling bit too far in depth may weaken the walls and even harm the components of the backside walls. This is serious, especially if there are electrical connections or plumbing work done over such areas. Even if the place is empty such holes and cracks can prove abode to the insects entering the place to harm the strength of the fittings in the long run.

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