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Den shield is a good material for bathroom?

The Dens Shield Tile backer is a standard material for usage in the bathroom or extremely wet areas such as swimming pools etc. They can be used on the ceiling, floors, and the walls of the bathroom.

This is a damp proof material with multiple layers to ensure a moisture free bathroom walls and floor, keeping it dry.

The material gets attached to different kinds of tiles perfectly and keeps the bonding intact for years longer.

Reliability of Using Dens Shield in Modern Bathrooms

The Dens Shield is a unique product and has passed the standards of the 2009 IBC/IRC Code after going through a number of critical tests under extreme damp conditions to judge the performance and compatibility when placed under the tiles.

This tile backer is free from the problems of germination and breeding of insects, ants and other bacterial growth inside the wall. There is an antimicrobial coating on the material that helps to keep away insects. The product has passed the D 6329 test conducted to check the performance under microbial presence.

Dens Shield is repeatedly tested under the method of ASTM D 3273 test to check the resistance power of the tile backer in preventing the growth of mold on different areas where the water is used heavily. This tile backer acts as an obstruction to prevent the growth of mold patches protecting it from severe damages.

The material of these tile backers has multiple layers such as fiberglass mat with water proofing property, microbe resistant layer, and above all an acrylic coating layer to regulate the temperature to keep the bathroom temperature normal even during extremely hot summers.

The Dens Shield backer tiles are available in varying sizes to suit every construction pattern. They are perfect for amalgamation with different types of tiles and sizes.

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